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  • 設計流程



    ?     愛谷設計采用日本”In-House”模式的設計開發流程,強調與客戶的研發體系高度融合,實現了近乎于部門間協作的緊密默契,從而拉近了合作雙方的心理距離。


    ?     I.CODesign adopts Japanese "In-House" design and development process, and emphasizes high degree of integration with R & D system of customer, achieving a tacit mutual understanding amongsectors and thus closing the psychological distance between cooperation partners.

    ?     我們認為科學的設計流程必須具備完整性、自然性以及準確性三大要素,缺一不可!

    ?     We believe scientific design process must have three indispensable elements, integrity, naturality and accuracy!

    ?     完整性

    ?     Integrity
    Design and development process is likea sophisticated and complex organism, any missing link is likely to lead to a “domino effect”.

    ?     自然性

    ?     Naturality
    Each process should have well-ordered stages in line with the natural order of progressive development. The quick success anddestructive enthusiasm may only result in short-lived achievement.

    ?     準確性

    ?     Accuracy
    Integrity and naturality are the basis of accuracy. Without accuracy, integrity and naturality are out of the question.





    ?     愛谷設計的創始人是西澤稔社長和趙晨,團隊主要由中、日兩國設計師構成,核心團隊的平均年齡達到了47歲,可謂非常資深!


    ?      The founder of I.CO are Nishizawa san and Zhao Chen,I.CO’s designteam is mainly composed of Chinese and Japanese designers, and the average age of the core team has reached 47 years old, described as experienced!

    ?     不同背景的設計師在一起工作與交流,不但實現了前沿資訊的實時共享,同時也激發了大家設計靈感的猛烈碰撞!


    ?     Designers from different backgrounds work together and exchange ideas, not only to achieve real-time sharing of cutting-edge information, but also to inspire the violent collisionbetween design inspirations!

    ?     面對周遭的快速變幻,我們剝離紛擾,始終以“匠心“主導設計,持續、穩定地輸出著優質的服務,誠實、坦然地面對著自己的內心!


    ?     Facing the rapid changes of the surrounding, we strip confusions, adhere to "craftsmanship" as our main principle, sustainably and stably output quality service, and always keep honesty and peace within our heart!



    ?     手繪表現是工業設計師必須掌握的一項基礎技能,也是最為高效、靈活的設計表達以及設計溝通形式。因此,我們尤為重視設計師手繪技能的培養。


    ?     Sketching is a basic skillmastered by industrial designer. It is the most efficient and flexible design expression and communication form. Therefore, we paid special attention to the cultivation ofdesigner’s hand drawingskill.



    ?     愛谷對于設計的獨創性以及審美性有著極高的追求,這就要求我們在有限的時間內要盡可能充分地確保創意設計工作的投入力度,而相對減少設計表現工作所占用的時間。因此,我們始終堅持以手繪圖作為首選的提案表現形式。


    ?     I.CO Design’s high pursuit on originality and aesthetic design requires us to ensure sufficient investment in creative design and relatively reduce the time taken on designexpressionwithin a limited time. Therefore, we always adhere to the hand drawing as the preferred form ofa proposal.



    ?     愛谷設計的中、日兩國團隊間長期保持著遠程協作,同時愛谷設計服務的客戶也遍及多個國家及地區,因此高效且形象化的溝通媒介至關重要!對此,我們要求設計師可以通過手繪圖快速、準確地表達關于風格、細節、結構、裝配等方面的溝通內容,從而大大提高了項目的效率以及準確度!。


    ?     Our design teams in China and Japan have maintained a long-term remote collaboration. I.CODesign’s customers are spread acrossmany countries and regions, therefore an efficient and visualized communication channel is of great importance! In this regard, we called for designers to quickly and accurately express the style, details, construction, assembly and other aspects of the communication through sketching, thus greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of the project!




    ?     美好的事物應當強調均衡,而非極致,因此我們通過“表里相依“的十二要素來綜合審視我們的設計,力求平衡得恰如其分。


    ?     Good things should be emphasized in terms of the balance, rather than the ultimate, so we take twelve "interdependent" factors for comprehensive review of our design, and strive to get the right balance.

    ?     我們理解的平衡是相對的,而非絕對的一塵不變。產品、用戶、市場等因素的差異決定了需求的不同,而這將直接影響我們對于設計的評判標準。因此,有所側重的平衡才是恰當的!

    ?     The balance we understand is relative, not absolutely unchanged. Differentiated products, customers, markets and other factors determine the difference in needs, which will directly affect our criteria for design. Therefore, a focused balance is appropriate!

    ?     “表里相依“的質量管理標準指導我們對設計方案進行嚴格的篩查與管控,幫助我們積累了大量的成功案例以及業界良好的口碑,可以說”表里相依“是愛谷設計賴以生存的重要基礎!

    ?     "Interdependent" quality control standardhas given us the guidance for strict screening and controlof our design, helping us accumulate a lot of success stories and good reputation of the industry. We believe that "interdependent" is an important basis for I.CO Design!



    ?     借助地緣優勢,愛谷設計持續為中日兩國制造業以及設計學術界的合作與交流貢獻微薄之力。至今,我們幫助了眾多中日兩國的企業成功實現了面向對方市場的產品投放。為了進一步強化信息及資源的共享,我們致力于吸納各領域的伙伴公司并結成戰略合作關系,建立中日合作網絡的平臺,以期為客戶提供更加全面的服務。


    ?     Just think, if the cognitive system and evaluation criterion of two sides are not unified, the results of the cooperation will remain difficult to make both sides satisfied! Therefore, we willmake the fullest communication early in the project with the client on the project demands and formulate detailed "project confirmation" confirmed and signed by both sides. It can not only effectively guide the work, but also achieve a constraint effect on both sides.

    ?     試想,如果合作雙方的認知體系以及評判標準未能得以統一,那合作的結果勢必難以令雙方皆大歡喜!因此,我們會在項目初期與客戶就項目需求做極其充分的溝通與交流并制作詳盡的《項目確認書》以供雙方確認并簽署。這既能有效指導工作,又能實現對雙方的約束。

    ?     In order to reach the goal of "product loyal to the creativity", we need to focus on materials, process, cost, construction, assembly, production, maintenance, protection, regulation and standardization of the product. Otherwise, the transformationfrom design planto mass production must be changed repeatedly, which is bound to fritter away the essencein original inspiration. We believe this is the dishonesty to our design and customer!

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