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    ?     愛谷設計來自日本,是一家秉承“匠人 ”精神的工業設計事務所。


    ?     I.CO Design from Japan is anindustrial design office inheriting the ‘craftsman’ spirit.

     ?     我們始終堅持日本最為嚴謹的設計開發流程,強調流程演進的“完整性”以及“自然性”。同時我們亦會導入名為“表里相依”的愛谷質量管理體系對各階段工作成果進行嚴苛評審,以進一步確保各流程階段的“準確性”。

    ?     We have always adhered to the strictest design and development procedurein Japan and attached importance to “completion” and “naturalness” in the evolution of the procedure. Simultaneously, in order to ensure the “accuracy” of each stage, the working achievements of each stage are critically evaluated by I. CO quality control system named “Interdependent insides and outsides”.

     ?     面對紛擾,我們以“守”、“破”、“離“的日本禪學思想為設計哲學,堅持誠實、務實的經營理念,為眾多國內外一線企業持續提供著高水準的設計服務。

    ?     In the face of turmoil, we adhere to the design philosophy of “inheritance”, “breakthrough” and “emptying”, which is introduced from Zen Buddhism. By holding the operation principle of “honesty” and “practicality”, we continuously provide top enterprises at home and abroad with high-end design service.

     ?     我們不以某件作品的優秀而自滿,但我們因整體輸出品質之穩定而自信!  

    ?     We will not become complacent when working out a certain excellent piece of work. However,we are confident because of the steady quality of our works!




    ?     “守.破.離”源于日本的禪學思想,其深遠地影響著日本設計的演化!


    ?     “Inheritance. breakthrough. emptying” is introduced from Zen Buddhism in Japan, which deeply influences the evolution of the design industry in Japan!

    ?     即尊重傳統,順應自然,重于誠信!信守本源,方可立足于世事變化!

    ?     Respect traditions, follow the nature and attach importance to integrity! One can never properly handle the changes of the world unless he holds the origin!

    ?     即切勿過于執著。勇于挑戰自我,尋求創新,方可求得長足發展!

    ?     Be flexible. Substantial development can be achieved only by self-challenge and innovation.

    ?     即事物皆兩面,我們應放空自我,剝離于表象紛擾,多角度的審視問題,方可豁然開朗!

    ?     Every coin has two sides. We should empty ourselves and see through the complex appearances to perceive the problem in multiple point of views. Only in this way can we work out a solution.

    ?     “守.破.離”亦是愛谷之行事準則。其作為方法論,有助于我們持續修正行事方向,誠實地為用戶提供恰當的服務!

    ?     “Inheritance. breakthrough. emptying” is also the behavior principle of I.CO. As the methodology, this principle helps us continuously correct our behaviors and faithfully provide customers with proper service!




    ?     愛谷設計是一家綜合性設計服務機構,專注于醫療健康、辦公自動化、工具建設、動力機械、工業設備等專業產品領域。


    ?     As acomprehensive design service supplier, I. CO Design focuses on the following professionalfields: medical treatment and health, office automation, tool manufacturing, power machinery, industrial equipment, etc. 

    ?     我們為企業提供品牌戰略、產品戰略、用戶體驗、交互設計、產品設計、生產管理、市場推廣等服務。至今,我們的團隊已成功服務了眾多世界知名企業,并多次榮獲國際設計獎項。

    ?     We provide enterprises with the following services: brand strategy, product strategy, user experience, interaction design, product design, production management, marketing, etc. Up to now, we have provided satisfactory service for many world famous enterprises and won international design awards many times.



    ?     借助地緣優勢,愛谷設計持續為中日兩國制造業以及設計學術界的合作與交流貢獻微薄之力。至今,我們幫助了眾多中日兩國的企業成功實現了面向對方市場的產品投放。為了進一步強化信息及資源的共享,我們致力于吸納各領域的伙伴公司并結成戰略合作關系,建立中日合作網絡的平臺,以期為客戶提供更加全面的服務。


    ?     Relying on geographical advantages, I.CO Design has continuously made contribution to Sino-Japan cooperation and communication in manufacturing industry and design academia. So far, with our assistance, many enterprises in China and Japan have successfully input products designed for the market of the opposite side. In order to strengthen the information and resource sharing and provide customers with more comprehensive service, we devote ourselves to absorbing partners of each field to establish strategic cooperation relationship and to set up a platform for Sino-Japan cooperation network.

    ?     Difference 株式會社是一家從事工業制品的機構設計、開發和支持的專業機構,致力于各種精密器械的設計開發,成功為國內多家白金級客戶提供了完美的解決方案。
    了解更多 http://www.difference.jp

    ?     Difference Corporation, a professional company engaging in design, development and supporting of industrial products, focuses on design and development of various precise instruments and has provided perfect solutions for many platinum-level customers in Japan.
    To learn  http://www.difference.jp

    ?     ERG 株式會社是日本知名的綜合廣告代理商,其在市場調查分析,商品戰略企業PR,店鋪企劃設計施工等領域中均有豐富的經驗,客戶涵蓋花王,S.T.化學,NTT Docomo,Softbank等眾多日本知名企業。
    了解更多 http://www.erg-co.com

    ?     ERG Corporation, a famous comprehensiveadvertising agent in Japan, is experienced in market survey and analysis, product strategy, enterprise PR, store planning anddesign, etc. Customers of ERG includemany famous Japanese enterprises such as Kao, S.T. Chemical, NTT Docomo, Softbank, etc.
    To learn  http://www.erg-co.com

    ?     天津柴田精密模塑有限公司 2002年開始從事塑料產品的生產,是實現了包含模具設計制作、射出成形、涂裝、印刷、組裝的一元化生產的工廠。擅長生產對品質要求較高的精密產品,可與愛谷設計協力為客戶提供從設計到制造的全流程解決方案。

    ?     Tianjin Shibata Precision Molding Co., Ltd.,beginning the plastic products manufacturing from 2002, is a plantengaging in unified production including mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, coating, printing, assembly, etc. The company is good at precise products with higher quality requirement, which enables it to work with I.CO Design and to provide customers with thorough solutions covering matters from design to manufacturing.
    To learn  


    1991  STANLEY Battery Charger RUSH 5
    1991  STANLEY Battery Charger RUSH 8
    1991  STANLEY Battery Charger RUSH 10
    1992  STANLEY Work light MJ1401
    1993  Road sweeper Mr.air sweeper
    2001  NIX Developing dental instruments Ring Ring2
    2003  TAITO Karaoke  system Lavca LVC-1
    2003  ZENOAH Chainsaws G3200
    2003  Color Card Printer Canon CX 350
    2005  Diaper changing table Baby Seat MP
    2005  ZENOAH Brushcutter BC2750DW-Hb
    2005  COMBI Baby keep Slim FL
    2006  ZENOAH Chainsaws G2000T
    2006  COMBI Baby keep FIT FL
    2008  COMBI Diaper changing table Baby Seat MS

      2013  TCM Meridian Detector   SHXK-JL-100 
    2013  Inverter Gasoline Generator SD1000i 
    2014  OPTEC 304 Biological Microscope
    2017     GS950i Digital Inverter Generator
    2019     HRG Rise-up

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