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  • SHAMOOD車載香薰


    產品介紹 車載香薰類產品,分為風口式、吊牌式、臺面式。
    SHAMOOD vehicle-mounted fragrance products include those installed on the vent; those hang in the vehicle; and those put on the dash.
    客戶訴求 面向日本市場銷售,中高端路線。
    SHAMOOD vehicle-mounted fragrance products are to be sold in the medium and high-end Japanese market.
    階段部署 明確日本市場需求、設計調研、用戶分析、產品定位分析、系列化產品設計。  
    Make clear the demand in Japanese market,design research,user analysis, product positioning analysis,product series design.



    Introduction and Characteristic in Japanese Market+Product introduction in Japanese Fragrance Market+Detailed Classification of merchandising location

    ? 日本市場概況與特點


    1. Female customers accounting for a large part

    近年來開始較多考慮女性用戶感受不只局限于汽車用品店銷售 (直至目前車用芳香劑還沒有在汽車用品店之外銷售)

    In recent years, companies start to take female customers user experience into consideration and sell vehicle-mounted fragrance in more places rather than only in vehicle supplies store. (Until now, no vehicle-mounted fragrance is sold in locations outside the vehicle supplies store.)


    2. Few users hang the vehicle-mounted fragrance in the vehicle
      Quite different from Chinese market, most people in Japan think it’s not safe to hang the furnishing articles on the rear-view mirror; only the non-mainstream groups or the unemployed would choose this kind of fragrance and these people have limited consuming capability. Therefore, the vehicle-mounted fragrance hanging in the vehicle are mostly low-end product, which stands in a sharp contrast with SHAMOOD’s market positioning.


    3. The function of eliminating bad smell
      For the Japanese customers, the fragrant smell should eliminate the bad smell in the vehicle rather than just being heavier than the bad smell. Therefore, SHAMOOD needs to work on the product with the function of eliminating bad smell if it is to sell its products in Japanese market.

    ? 日本香薰市場產品概況


    1. Comparable products analysis
      According to the research result on daily item sales carried out by our partner ERG, we define the competitive brands of SHAMOOD based on the aspect like sales and brand recognition.


    2. Detailed Classification of merchandising location
    SHAMOOD預想銷售場所:超市、汽車4S店、汽車配件超市、禮品店。 The expected merchandising locations: supermarkets, 4s stores, vehicle supplies stores, and gift stores.
    根據我們的調研結果,日本市場中高端產品多在汽車配件超市、禮品店、品牌專門店銷售。超市、百元店、藥妝店售賣的基本是大眾化的評價商品,直接開設品牌專門店成本高、風險大,因此本次銷售場所確定為汽車配件超市和精品店。   According to the survey, the medium and high-end products in Japan are usually sold in vehicle supplies stores, flag-ship stores, and gift stores. And supermarkets, 100-yen store, and cosmetic stores are for the fair-price goods. Also, it’s too risky to open up flag-ship store directly. Therefore, SHAMOOD should sell its fragrance products in vehicle supplies stores and boutique stores.


    競品定位+環境定位+用戶分析   Product positioning+Environment positioning+User analysis
    ? 競品定位分析  

    通過圖表分析法對競品產品整體分析,我們發現風口式、臺面式產品都有明確的設計風格區塊劃分,且兩種類型產品區域位置類似。   By carrying out a throughout chart analysis of products, we find that the vehicle-mounted fragrance products installed on the vent or put on the dash feature different design styles but similar product area.
    ? 環境定位
    因此我們最終選擇了外燃、自然派兩類人群作為首批打入日本市場的針對用戶。本項目產品使用環境有著特殊載體——汽車,車載香薰產品外觀需要與汽車內飾設計風格緊密配合。因此我們對日本汽車市場狀況進行了調研分析。 The fragrance products have a special carrier, vehicles, thus the vehicle-mounted fragrance products need to be designed in the same style with the interior decoration of the vehicle. Therefore, we carry out a research analysis on the automobile market in Japan.

    使用與競品同樣的圖表對汽車外觀進行分析,我們驚喜的發現汽車與之前競品區域劃分基本吻合,這是我們反推用戶群體的重要契機! To successfully sell its products into the mature market in Japan, SHAMOOD has to accurately and quickly position its user group, thus to get wide recognition from the users.
    ? 用戶定位

    通過之前的調研分析可以看到日本市場產品區塊鮮明,定位明確,用戶類型呼之欲出! According to the previous analysis, we can see that the products in Japanese market features distinguished area and clear positioning, so it is not difficult to get clear who is the user group of SHAMOOD products.

    SHAMOOD作為全新品牌空降日本成熟市場,務必快速、準確定位產品受眾,以便獲得大眾化廣泛認可 。 To successfully sell its products into the mature market in Japan, SHAMOOD has to accurately and quickly position its user group, thus to get wide recognition from the users.
    因此我們最終選擇了外燃、自然派兩類人群作為首批打入日本市場的針對用戶。 Therefore, we choose two user groups—the “internal combustion” and the “external combustion”—as our first target customers.
    ?  創意意向

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