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  • 德潤特系列化產品設計


    產品介紹 數字化X射線攝影系統, 全系列5款產品。
    Digitalized X-ray radiographic system covering a series of five types of the products.
    項目目標 產品系列化設計,建立全新產品品牌形象。
    Serialized product designs to establish new images of the products and brands
    操作步驟 設計調研、用戶分析、競品調研、品牌定位分析、產品定位分析、系列化產品設計。  
    Design surveys, customer analysis, competition surveys, brand orientation analysis, product orientation analysis and serialized product designs

    ? 設計研究—用戶調研 


    經調研發現此類產品使用用戶較多,且需求不同。我們針對患者、放射科醫師、影像學教師以及影像學學生四類人群進行了調研、走訪以及模擬使用情景再現,了解客戶實際需求。經過匯總與分析,我們獲得了用戶對于產品設計風格的基礎需求:精密、專業、科技、安全、可靠、簡約,以及醫療設備很少會考慮的差異性需求:情感關懷、輕松愉悅、趣味時尚。   After surveying many of our potential customers, we have found that they vary with different needs. We have studied the needs of patients, radiologists, imageologicalteachers and students by visiting them and simulating their uses of such kind of products. With summaries and analysis, we have figured out our customer's basic requirements for functions and deigns ---precise, professional, technical, safe, reliable and brief and we have also considered the otherness of medical needs---affective attention, easy and relaxing, juicy and fashionable.

    ? 設計研究—環境調研 


      Through the comparison with traditional hospital environment and that in the future, we have found with surprise that the environmental trend would be in accordance with the varied needs of our customers, which would be a tendency of medical equipment,cozier, more relaxing and affective to the patients.

    ? 產品趨勢分析 


    我們針對8個競爭品牌產品進行產品定位分析。通過軸向分析法,我們可直觀了解各競爭品牌的定位差異,各品牌的產品進化趨勢以及整個行業的發展方向。   We have made the product orientation analysis with the reference of 8 competitive brands. With axial analysis, we have directly known the differences and evolutions of the 8 brands in product orientations and have also learned the development direction of the entire industry.


    最終,我們提煉出以三星、飛利浦、聯影三個品牌分別為代表的 “時尚、消費“, “趣味、關懷“,以及 “先鋒、科技“三大前沿趨勢。   Finally, we have extracted from Samsung, Philip and United Imaging their respective representations of 3 of the most frontier tendencies of “fashion and consuming”, “tastefulness and solicitude” and “pioneering and scientification”.

    ? 品牌定位分析 


    基于競品趨勢以及用戶需求的分析結果,我們與客戶方深入溝通,規劃了未來德潤特品牌的四大特質,分別為”先進“、“優雅”、“精致”、“愉悅”。同時,考慮到年輕品牌需要被關注的訴求,德潤特的品牌定位還應盡可能偏向”革新“端。   After profound communications with our customers and basing on the results of our analysis on competitive trend and customer’s needs, we have projected the peculiarities of DDIT in the future, which would be “advanced”, “elegant”, “delicate” and “joyful”. Considering that there would be a plea for attention to the young brand, we would orient DDIT more on “innovation”.

    ? 產品定位分析 


    為了指導設計工作的開展,我們在符合德潤特未來品牌規劃的區間內細化了三個設計定位,進而演化出三款設計方案。最終,處于“優雅. 未來”定位區間的方案勝出,成為了德潤特未來產品系列化的藍本!   In order to guide the designing work, we have detailed 3 themes in DDIT’s brand project and have formed 3 design schemes and the scheme of “elegance and future” was finally approved and has become DDIT’s blueprint of our series of products in the future.


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