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    ? ? ??曲線形的側板簡潔而不失靈動,白色高亮的外觀質感給人以干凈、整齊的感受,且易于清潔;框架部分采用淺灰色啞光質感,與塑料殼體形成材質、顏色、光澤度上的多重對比,豐富了產品層次;與坐便器匹配度高且外觀尺寸小巧,節省空間;LOGO的絲印簡單而精致,展示品牌信息的同時,增加了一些細節,提高產品的品質感。

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    ? ? ? The curved sideboards are simple and flexible. The plastic parts are bright white fitting for the texture of the wash basin, closestool and other house facilities in a washroom, giving the sense of neatness and cleanness. They are easy to be cleaned. The framing parts are in matt grey contrasting with the plastic parts in materials, colours and glossiness, which enrich the layering of the device. The whole device looks small and exquisite matching the height of the closestool and saving the space. The screen printed logo, simple and delicate, displays the brand information and reveals as well the details and quality of the device.

    ? ? ? Driven by motors, the device gently lifts and declines to assist the elderly and the disabled in defecation and to help them in crouching and arising. The device can be easily operated with buttons on both sides of the armrests for lifting and declining. For convenient and comfortable use, the armrests are designed in ergonomic way with cocked end for grasping and supporting the wrists in arising. Instead of turning the device over and over, it can be easily assembled and to settle the device, just simply screwing out the foot-pads in the front.
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    SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?,?Style Design , Rearch Design

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