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  • 產品故事


    ?     產品對腔體內聲學結構的限制與各種防震動干擾的限定要求很高,并且提出較高的成本控制需求,在通過嚴謹的設計研究后,這款安裝簡便且具有高精度和高穩固性的電子聽診器誕生了。

    ?     產品的使用智能便捷且不受環境的限制,用戶通過收集心跳聲音數據并傳輸記錄于手機,即可由手機對云端數據進行專業分析和處理,為用戶帶去輕松可靠的使用體驗。

    ?     設計師把握住了醫療設備行業消費化情感化的使用者需求,將整體外觀設計得精巧簡約。電鍍玫瑰金的后殼與純白色的聽診區相得益彰,在突出產品專業性的同時更賦予了其精致時尚的高品質感。柔和沉穩的外觀曲面,更使產品充滿親和力,為用戶帶去貼心的舒適與愜意。
    ?     The product has a high limit on the acoustic structure in the cavity and requirements various anti vibration interference but the client has strong needs in cost control. After rigorous design research, the electronic stethoscope with simple installation, high precision and high stability comes in being.

    ?     The use of the product is intelligent and convenient, and is not limited by the environment. By the device collecting the heartbeat data and transmitting it to the mobile phone, users can analyze and process the cloud data with the mobile phone. So it provides users with an easy and reliable experience.

    ?    Getting hold of the consumerization and emotional needs of the users in the field of medical equipment, the designer gives the device a simple but exquisite appearance. The electroplated rose gold back shell complements the pure white auscultation area, which not only highlights the professionalism of the product, but also endows it with exquisite and fashionable high-quality texture. The soft and steady curvy surface makes the product full of affinity and brings intimate comfort and contentment to the users.

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