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  • 產品故事


    ?     SHINRAY 2KW汽油發電機主要應用于家庭休閑、聚會、郊游等場景,其早已跳脫出工具機械類產品的范疇,因此時尚、親和、輕松、科技則成為新一代產品不可或缺的特質。

    ?     設計師偶然地將歐洲古建筑中拱形回廊的元素借鑒于設計中,形成了近似”框架”的設計語言,將柔美優雅與穩固堅實的特質相融合,形成了產品的核心視覺識別特征。

    ?     為提升產品精致感,除側殼進行了高拋光處理外,還采用了獨特的分色形式,形成了SHINRAY產品獨特的氣質。

    ?     為優化使用體驗,我們將啟動拉手向上移至”肩部”高度,便于用戶拉拽,同時增加了更具科技感的運行狀態顯示系統,使產品更具市場競爭力。
    ?     SHINRAY 2KW gasoline generator is mainly used in family, party, outing and other circumstances. It no longer belongs to the category of tool-making equipment. Therefore, fashion, affinity, ease and technology become indispensable features of the new generation of the products.

    ?     The designer accidentally brings the elements of the arched ambulatory in the ancient European architecture into his design, forming a framing design language, in which he combines the tenderness and elegance with the firmness and solidity, to build the core visual identification features for the product.

    ?     In order to enhance the delicacy of the product, besides the high polishing of the side shell, a unique color separation form is also adopted to build the unique temperament of SHINRAY products.

    ?    In optimizing the user experience, we move the handle upward to the height of "shoulder" for the convenience of pulling. At the same time, we have added a more scientific and technological operation status display system to make the product more competitive in the market.

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    SERVISE      Mockup Making , Style Design , Rearch Design , Graphic Design
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