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    ?     回歸本源,鍵盤在桌面上大多處于靜止狀態,但其本身卻一直隨著敲擊動作微微震動,所以鍵盤外觀最自然的形態應該是與水平桌面視覺上一體化,同時具有動態的呼吸感——每一次按壓鍵帽,都有空氣從鍵帽區域向四周流動開來,朝著桌面散開。


    ?     Returning to its origin, the keyboard is mostly in a static state on the desktop, but it vibrates slightly with the tapping action. Therefore, the most natural appearance of the keyboard should be visually integrated with the horizontal desktop, and it also has a dynamic sense of breathing - every time you press the key cap, air flows from the key cap area to the surrounding and spreads towards the desktop.

    ?     It seems that a handful of water is constantly flowing down from the top of a square stone. After the baptism of time, the stone has the most natural flowing shape.

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