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    ?     單從比例上看,常規的小旋鈕放在大尺寸鍵盤上顯的太小了。因此我調整了數字鍵盤的排布,留出右上角的4個鍵帽區域去設計旋鈕,以接近食指自然彎曲的弧度,同時增大了旋鈕及其所在的R角尺寸,突出大旋鈕設計。同時,將所有的附加功能(充電/開關)也集中到拐角處,并通過側面開窗設計讓底殼外露,更加便于用戶記憶和盲操。
    ?     From the perspective of proportion, the conventional small knob is too small on a large keyboard. Therefore, I adjusted the layout of the numeric keyboard, leaving four key cap areas in the upper right corner to design the knob, so as to approach the arc of natural bending of the index finger. At the same time, I increased the size of the knob and its R angle, highlighting the design of the large knob. At the same time, all additional functions (charging / switching) are also concentrated at the corner, and the bottom shell is exposed through the side window design, which is more convenient for users to remember and operate blindly.
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