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  • 產品故事


    ? ? ??為shamood進軍日本市場而設計的車載出風口固體香水,屬于系列化產品中的外燃系列。特意為女性顧客而設計的化妝盒造型,動感激情中又透露出柔和之美;紅與藍的色彩搭配讓人聯想到賽道的閃爍燈光,充滿刺激,而圓潤的外框及有序的排列讓女性的柔美也可以在激烈與刺激中充分展現。

    ? ? ? Powder Box is a solid vehicle-mounted air-outlet perfume designed to send SHAMOOD into the Japanese market; it belongs to the “external combustion” product series. It is specially designed for female clients. With the powder box outlook, it indicates something beautiful and gentle in the fast driving; the combination of red and blue gives people an association on the flashes on the laps; and the round frame and orderly layout can also indicate the feminine quality in fast driving.

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