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  • 產品故事


    ? ? ??為shamood進軍日本市場而設計的車載出風口固體香水,屬于系列化產品中的外燃系列。圓形的固體香水很常見,然而大多大同小異。而我們將外燃的精神與之完美融合,以充滿激情的賽車頭盔形象設計出這款固體香水,使其在同類產品中脫引而出;與真實賽車頭盔相同,我們在固體香水的香氣散播口位置設計了可掀起的遮蓋面罩,使其在速度與激情中又增添一份趣味;小巧的體積依然設計為分體拆裝結構,便于固體香水的更換使用。

    ? ? ? Helmet is a solid vehicle-mounted air-outlet perfume designed to send SHAMOOD into the Japanese market; it belongs to the “external combustion” product series. The round solid perfume is frequently seen and is seldom unique. I. CO combines the external combustion with the round shaped perfume and designed the Helmet-shaped product which distinguishes itself from its own kind. Just like the real helmet, the fragrance comes out from the mask, thus creating a small funny element during the fast and passionate driving; it is with small in size and can be disassembled to replace the solid perfume inside;?

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