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  • 產品故事


    ? ? ??為shamood進軍日本市場而設計的車載香氛掛件,屬于系列化產品中的外燃系列。掛件型的設計,結構簡單卻層次豐富,外形新穎別致;盾牌的形象體現更多男性堅強、勇猛的特征;類似蜂巢的隔柵扣板設計,表現出熱烈張揚的外形中充滿著秩序與原則的獨特魅力。

    ? ? ? Shield is a solid vehicle-mounted air-outlet perfume designed to send SHAMOOD into the Japanese market; it belongs to the “external combustion” product series. Shield is a hanging furnishing article with simple structure, rich layers and special outlook. Shield shows the male personality of fortitude and bravery; the comb-like barriers and buckles showing the unique charm of order and principle passion.

    ?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?平面設計
    SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?,?Style Design , Rearch Design
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