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    ? ? ??為shamood進軍日本市場而設計的車載出風口固體香水,屬于系列化產品中的外燃系列。棱角分明、硬朗瀟灑的削切感塑造出強烈的男性特征,陽剛堅強;結構設計為分體拆裝,便于固體香水的更換使用;對稱的六邊形造型設計表現出非凡的沉著與不屈;多樣的配色酷炫十足,彰顯無盡的性格魅力。

    ? ? ? Lighter is a solid vehicle-mounted air-outlet perfume designed to send SHAMOOD into the Japanese market; it belongs to the “external combustion” product series. With angular, hard and unrestrained cut, Lighter is filled with a sense of masculinity; it can be disassembled to replace the solid perfume inside; the asymmetry hexagon displays the quality of extraordinary composure and perseverance; the various bright colors help to release the driver’s personality charm.

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