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    ? ? ??用于真空采血分離的離心機是醫院化驗室的常用設備。這類設備大多呆板笨拙,給人冰冷的感覺。而我們希望通過我們的設計改變這一類產品的固有形象。對此,我們延續了以往為大龍品牌制定的設計理念,以弧線造型體現產品簡潔大方氣質,同時又不乏現代感;整合集中的控制面板讓產品使用起來更加便捷。

    ? ? ? The centrifuge, used on vacuum blood collection and separation, is frequently used in hospital laboratory. Most centrifuges are large in size and heavy in weight, giving people a cold feeling. To change these products’ fixed images, I.CO continues to employ the tailored design philosophy of Dragon products and use curved lines to make simple, natural and modern products. What’s more, the control panel with most components and parts can make the operation more convenient.

    ?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?平面設計
    SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?,?Style Design , Rearch Design

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