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    ? ? ?老舊的實驗儀器造型已經與科技信息化的今天漸行漸遠,嚴肅冰冷的實驗儀器形象不再適用于新時代的工業潮流。

    ? ? ?這臺用于檢測血液中反應蛋白濃度的醫學實驗儀器,同時又是艾維德品牌的先頭產品,因此我們的設計肩負著引領未來艾維德品牌系列產品的設計潮流與方向之重任。對此,我們完全拋離老舊程式化的視覺感受,以優雅的流線設計帶來更親和、自由奔放的感覺;金屬邊框的設計提升了產品的精密感與品質感;前控面板及艙蓋處曲線的造型變化為產品帶來一絲靈動的美感;實驗艙內設置的藍色燈光在方便觀察的同時也為產品提升科技感。

    ? ? ? The old design for?laboratory equipment has now drifted apart from the scientific and informationized age today; the strict and cold image of laboratory equipment is no longer welcomed in the industrial trend of new age.

    ? ? ? The IVD Full-automatic CRP Analyzer, the medical experimental equipment used on test the density of reactive protein, is the knock-out product of IVD. Therefore, I.CO, responsible for the design, is shouldering the responsibility of leading the future design trend and direction for IVD product series. I.CO totally gets rid of the old visual perception and design a streamlined Analyzer with a feeling of affinity and freedom; the metal frame makes the product more exquisite and sophisticated; the curved line in the front control panel and the compartment cover brings the product a little smartness and beauty; the built-in blue light in the experiment compartment makes observation more convenient and gives the product more scientific feelings.

    ?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?平面設計
    SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?, Style Design , Rearch Design
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