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    ? ? ? 全自動化學發光免疫分析測定儀是基于化學發光免疫分析技術,與專用的化學發光免疫分析法試劑盒配合使用,可用于人體樣本中相關物質作定量或定性測定,以醫院檢驗科醫師和科研人員作為目標用戶。

    ? ? ? 客戶提出產品定位中高端,希望產品以獨具匠心的外觀與其成熟的內部結構形式與自動化操作流程相匹配,同時還要兼顧國內與國外市場對產品高品質的要求

    ? ? ? 針對客戶原始樣機外觀設計保守、呆板、粗糙、無競爭力的問題,從市場主流競品入手進行調研分析,定位設計方向,以精巧、合理的內部框架結構設計作為開端,外觀設計結合產品各功能模塊的運作,進行形體的構成組合,豐富了產品造型的層次變化,同時強化了設備操作流程,大面積的透明艙罩設計是產品外觀亮點,這不僅使產品表現的更加靈動和智能化,也方便對設備的操作過程進行監控。

    ? ? ? Automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer?is based on chemiluminescence immunoassay technology, with special chemical luminescence immunoassay kit, can be used in the relevant material in the sample for determination of quantitative or qualitative, clinical laboratory for hospital doctors and researchers as the target user.

    ? ? ? Product positioning in the high-end customers, hope the products with unique appearance and the internal structure of mature form to match the automation process, as well as both domestic and foreign market demand for products of high quality.

    ? ? ??Design according to customer's original prototype conservative, dull, rough, not competitive problem, through the research of the mainstream competing goods analysis from the market, positioning design direction, with exquisite, reasonable internal frame structure design as a start, operation of each function module design combined with products and to form a combination, enrich the level changes of product modeling, to strengthen the equipment operation process at the same time, a large area of transparent tank cover design is a product appearance, not only make the product more clever and intelligent, and is convenient to monitor the operation of equipment.

    ?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?平面設計
    SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?, Style Design , Rearch Design

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