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  • 產品故事


    ? ? ? 我們以自然、優雅、自由為全新設計定位,將自然界中植物的“莖”作為核心設計元素,為冰冷的儀器注入了旺盛的生命力以及充沛的活力,從而大大拉近了用戶與產品的距離。

    ? ? ? 兩條極富視覺張力的曲線由一個點向外發散,形成了特征鮮明的夾角,而這個三角形即成為了整個產品的視覺中心。而幾乎全部的設計元素均由這個中心向外“無盡”地延伸,使用戶充分感受到那一份自由、自在以及優雅!

    ? ? ? 為了獲得最佳的人機交互體驗,我們與奧特公司對原先的“光路“尺寸進行了重新的設計。將需要進行操作的元件盡可能集中,使用戶幾乎不用大幅挪動雙手即可完成全部操作,而且還極大優化了用戶進行目鏡觀測的舒適性。

    ? ? ? I.CO designs the OPTEC Inverted Microscope with a new design positioning: naturalness, elegance and freedom. Taking the plant stem in the nature as the core design elements, I.CO manages to inject vitality into the cold equipment and bring users closer to the microscope product.?

    ? ? ? I.CO designs a characteristic separation angle consisting of a dot and two curved lines with great visual tension. The triangle formed by the separation angle is now the optic center from which all the designing elements are extending, giving users a feeling of freedom and elegance.

    ? ? ??To get the best possible human-machine interaction experience, I.CO and Optec redesign the size of the old optical path and bring together the operative units as many as possible, which is to enable users to carry out all the operations without using too many hands and make them use the microscope more comfortably.

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    SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?, Style Design , Rearch Design
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