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  • 產品故事


    ? ? ? 我們通過全新的PI設計以及創新的材料工藝為新華醫療成功打造出高端產品形象:炫黑色亞克力與鋁質感金屬邊框的一體化設計賦予了產品時尚、前衛、富有科技感的外觀,加之深邃的藍色燈光效果使之更加炫彩奪目,一改傳統臨床檢驗分析儀器的平庸乏味形象。

    ? ? ? 在雙方的不斷努力下,模塊化設計與創新的產品外觀完美融合,提升了產品的整體感和品質感;全新優化的觸摸操作界面使人機交互更方便,大大降低了醫用勞動時間并且排除了人工干預,并給醫護人員枯燥乏味的工作帶來了更多的新鮮感;大范圍使用全新的低碳亞克力材料代替傳統的高能耗材料,大大提升了產品的環保性,且產品生命周期結束后,制造材料均可進行回收再利用。

    ? ? ? I.CO helps to build for SHINVA a brand new high-end product image with new PI design and innovative materials and technologies. The highly polished black aluminum frame and the unified design give the product an outlook featuring fashion and scientific contents; the deep blue light effect makes the product charming and helps change the boring and ordinary image of traditional clinic analyzer.

    ? ? ? I.CO and SHINVA work hard to improve the wholeness and quality of product by module design and innovatively designed outlook; the optimized new touch sensitive operative interface makes it more convenient for man-machine interaction, greatly reducing the time on medical work, eliminating the manual intervention, and bringing feeling of freshness to the boring jobs of medical workers; replacing the traditional energy-extensive materials with the low-carbon acrylic materials in large scale makes the product more environment friendly; besides, after the life cycle of product ends, the materials can be recovered and reused.

    ?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?結構設計 ?平面設計
    SERVISE? ? ? Graphic Design?,Structural Design , Style Design , Rearch Design
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