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    ? ? ? 作為手術前針對患者重要的檢測環節,全自動凝血測試儀用于人血槳中凝血及抗凝血、纖容抗纖容等功能測試,目標用戶為醫院檢驗科醫師。

    ? ? ? 基于上一代產品,委托方希望本次外觀設計在滿足其同步開發的內部運動機構與框架要求的同時,提升產品在視覺上的專業感和高品質表現,另一方面要在復雜且運動的內部測試區域設計上保證同樣的輸出品質。

    ? ? ??

    ? ? ? As for the patients before surgery important testing areas, automatic coagulation analyzer test for human blood clotting and anti-clotting paddle, capacitive reactance fiber capacity fiber and other functional tests, the target user for the hospital laboratory physicians.

    ? ? ? Based on the previous generation, Principal hope that this design is to meet its simultaneous development of internal movement mechanism and framework requirements while improving product in the visual sense of professional and high-quality performance, on the other hand to the internal complexity and movement test areas designed to ensure the same output quality.

    ? ? ??For customer requirements, combined with a new design on the one hand, to confirm the appearance of the form member moving mechanism with the client team, than the previous generation of improved user experiences and stable institutions, on the other hand in a professional sense of style on the basis of using black acrylic material with metal logo highlighting the contrast with, enhance the sense of borderless door design and sophisticated sense of quality, built-frame products, not only to solve the problem with the door, while the performance of the local products and fine minimalist overall appearance.

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    SERVISE?? ? ?Graphic Design?, Style Design , Rearch Design
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