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  • 產品故事


    ?    家庭生活化的健康產品隨著“互聯網+”時代的到來也悄然而至,因而溫馨柔和的優邁斯科儀經由我們努力破繭而出。由于優邁斯科儀屬于孕檢類產品,產品的使用是比較隱私的,因此我們將其形象設計為迷你電子產品般,也讓用戶即便隨身攜帶使用時也可避免尷尬,小巧圓潤的整體造型讓人倍感親切,凸顯女性關懷。

    ?    產品的使用相當便捷,插入各階段試紙插片獲得用戶相關樣品數據并通過手機反饋分析結果,讓孕期檢查變得輕松愜意。

    ?     With the coming of “Internet plus” age, the household medical product industry is booming and the Youmaisi Tester emerges as a result of hard work. Due to its quality of being a privately-using pregnancy detection product, the Tester is designed in a fairly small size just like a mini electronic product, which is easy to carry and use. It smart and round outlook makes people feel easy, which shows the Tester’s care for women. 

    ?     Also, it is easy to use because the test bars of each pregnancy period can be put into the Tester and then all the data shall be processed and analyzed on your cellphone, thus making the pregnancy test much easier.

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