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  • 產品故事


    ?     新華集團是醫用清洗消毒柜領域的領軍企業。雖然產品長期積累了不錯的口碑,但工業設計較為滯后,從而導致產品形象較為保守、傳統。對此,本項目的兩款產品將作為引領未來新華集團全新產品系列化進程的先導!

    ?     Repid320A是另一款引領新華集團未來的產品。與前一款產品相同,同樣以鋁材配合機加工以及擠壓成型的工藝方案,以應對材料、工藝及成本的限制。

    ?     造型方面Repid320A展現了更強烈的高貴品質感,簡練瀟灑的線條以及精致、考究的細節,讓其端莊高貴的氣質中又透出精巧靈動的美感。

    ?     SHINVA is the leading enterprise in the medical Washer-disinfector industry. SHINVA has a time-honored good reputation, but it is backward in the industrial design, thus it features a backward and traditional product image. The two products here are to lead the product seriation process in the future SHINVA. 

    ?     Repid320A is another one of the two products in SHINVA’s product seriation process. Just like Smart 175, Repid320A employs the same aluminum materials which are processed with machine work and extrusion forming to avoid the high cost on material and technology.

    ?     As for the outlook, Repid320A, with simple but free lines and exquisite and sophisticated details, appears much nobler and more graceful while, at the same time, being smart and flexible.

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