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    ? ? ? 在很多國家,人們非常重視齒科治療,牙齒的保健與治療漸漸融入了日常生活。在發達國家,牙科診室已經不僅僅存在與醫院中,而是成為更貼近生活的消費場所。因此,齒科治療設備也在不斷的改進更新,MORITA齒科治療單元便應運而生。

    ? ? ? 作為獨立的治療單元,我們將齒科治療中的各項功能設備整合為一體,由綜合電腦中控臺統一控制,使治療過程更為便捷;為舒緩顧客治療時的緊張感,我們將座椅設計為溫馨的顏色,整體治療單元也更多地使用柔和的曲面以增加親和的感覺;人體工學的座椅更貼合人體曲線,全方位可調節,使顧客在接受治療中更加舒適安心。

    ? ? ? In many countries, people attach great importance to the treatment of teeth, thus dental care and dental treatment have become a routine in their daily life. In the developed countries, dental clinic is now more an independent and heavily trodden location rather than a part of the hospital. Therefore, the dental treatment equipment is constantly advancing and upgrading, and the MORITA Dental Treatment Unit emerges.?

    ? ? ? As an independent treatment unit, I.CO manages to combine all the functional equipment used in the dental treatment into one which was controlled by the central stack of a comprehensive computer, which makes the treatment process more convenient. To make clients less nervous, I.CO designs the product into an integral unit with comforting color and a curved surface. What’s more, the chair, taking human ergonomics into consideration, is adjustable in any direction, thus the users can feel more comfortable during the treatment.

    ?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?結構設計
    SERVISE?? ? ?Structural Design , Style Design , Rearch Design
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