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    ? ? ??嬰幼兒產品最重要的便是安全性。我們在這款嬰幼兒護理臺的設計中,充分考慮了安全便捷的設計元素。首先整體造型全部采用流線曲面設計,柔和親切,避免直角、棱角對嬰兒可能造成的損傷;護理臺表層為可更換的柔軟靠墊,可以為嬰兒提供更溫暖的保護;護理臺上的嬰兒安全帶設計為單向抽拉,在抱著孩子時也可單手輕松開閉安全鎖;護理臺為墻面固定的安裝模式,更為堅固安全;護理臺面板為可折疊設計,在不使用時更為節省空間;主體材料全部為安全環保材質,讓用戶在使用中更加放心。

    ? ? ? The most important thing for the baby nursing stand is its safety. I.CO takes an all-round consideration about the design elements of safety and convenience. Firstly, the general outlook is built with streamline and curved surfaces, protecting the babies from the angles, corners and edges; on the top of the stand is a soft replaceable cushion, providing a warm protection for the baby; the seat belt can only be pulled in one direction, making it possible to lock and unlock the safety lock with a single hand; the walls is installed with a fixed way, being more solid and safer; the panel is foldable, which can save space when the stand is not used; all the materials used on the main structure are environmentally friendly, reassuring the users.

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