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    ? ? ? 為了使iuStar500在忙碌、擁擠、復雜的環境中易于移動,我們賦予其小巧、靈活的形體。

    ? ? ? 為了使iuStar500在極易交叉感染的診療環境中易于清潔,我們選擇以觸控界面取代傳統的機械面板。

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    ? ? ? To make iuStar500 easy to move in busy, crowded, complex environment, we give it a small, flexible body.

    ? ? ? To make iuStar500 easy to cross-infection treatment in highly clean environment, we have chosen to replace the traditional mechanical touch screen panel.

    ? ? ??To make iuStar500 was tortured in the face of disease and patient under great pressure due to mental and physical exhaustion when doctors can bring other better physical and mental experience, we can learn the characteristics of the marine life, giving the product an elegant natural temperament, It also reflects no lack of sense of technology and the future sense.

    ??? ??In summary, we do is designed to truly improve the user experience, and the method only the "hard feelings" ...

    ?服務內容?? ? ? ?設計研究 ?造型設計 ?結構設計 ?平面設計
    SERVISE? ? ? Graphic Design?,Structural Design , Style Design , Rearch Design

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